I am at your service for advice, control and prompt service in case of:
rats mice moles mink wild rabbits
feral and wood pigeons and birds
wasps hornets flies fleas cockroaches ants bedbugs house dust mites woodworm moths and other insects
garden insects slugs snails and fungi
weevils moths beetles and stored product pests

-organic and green deterrent solutions available
-foxes and feral cats captured
-squirrels removed alive from your garden
-repellent spraying a speciality to rid you of pests
-bees netted and taken away
-dust mite treatment
-cage-trap rental service
-rabbit clearance service

With over 20 years' experience in pest control, I can find a solution to almost every case of pest invasion, be it mice in an attic, fleas in a carpet or a fox in the hen-house. My work is not expensive, so don't wait until rodents chew through a wire and start a fire, or that one flea turns into a thousand... call in expert help today.
Remember: surveys and quotes are free!


One-off or regular visits on contract to food, retail, storage, farms, estates, stables golf clubs... or any business whatsoever - probably cheaper than if you do the work yourself!
Contracts include regular surveys, written reports, C.O.S.H.H. safety assessments, advice on preventative measures to satisfy environmental health requirements, and rapid response call-out for emergencies.

Farmclear - safe, ever-present measures to get rid of rodents and other pests permanently
365 Houseclear - for Occupied/Empty/Rented house protection
Landclear - for golf courses, pasture land, paddocks, arable fields and larger gardens
Everclear Food and Storage - for restaurants/ pubs/ kitchens / food storage and preparation facilities etc

Everclear Factory Shop and Office - low-cost protection from pest damage to stock, equipment and premises.
... Or a simple contract tailored to YOUR needs!


House/Attic/Barn/Factory/ and Garden Checking Service
Environmental Health Advice
Rabbit-proof Fencing/ Bird Exclusion Netting
New Build Pest-Proofing Consultancy

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